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What’s included in your clean

All areas

  1. Vacuum/Mop floors
  2. Empty bins
  3. Dust surfaces
  4. Clean mirrors
  5. Dust/Vacuum furniture
  6. Dust blinds
  7. Clean light switches
  8. Clean doors and frames
  9. Spot clean walls
  10. Clean skirting boards


  1. Wipe fridge (outside)
  2. Wipe appliances
  3. Clean worktops
  4. Clean sink and taps
  5. Clean hobs
  6. Clean outside of oven
  7. Clean inside of cabinets and drawers


  1. Tidy floor area
  2. Make beds
  3. Clean inside of cabinets and drawers


  1. Clean toilet
  2. Clean bath
  3. Clean sink and taps